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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
Also, past Subcommander, there really is no dedicated science vessel which is extremely dissapointing.
This is kind of what stood out the most to me, as I was planning on rolling a pair of Sci with LoR. From the currently available ships, there are two "options" so to speak.

4x Sci Consoles with a LCdr Sci...and a Turn of 5.
3x Sci Consoles with 2x Lt Sci...and a Turn of 16.

Well, technically - there's another option - you can grab a LCdr/Lt Sci and be left with a single En Eng. That's 14 Turn, but can't remember the number of Sci Consoles.

Have to wonder if there's going to be a Cmdr Sci...actual Sci Vessel for the Romulans down the road.
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