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Originally Posted by daroska View Post
I never take anything to be rude on a forum, except particular developer views.

Now about that epohh tagging cooldown: all I know is that I believe I've done it about
three times, two times at the end of doing the other New Romulus specific mission dailies.
The first time I did it- I was interested in the epohh fields, saw the zone chat asking for
a group to do it with, joined- then I started the mission and the timer just went off!

So yeah, I freaked, figured I'd done something absolutely stupid and decided to call it a
night, having enough of the gaming riffraff. Got up the next morning (that was the evening
before) and loaded up STO to check on the old DOFF missions- then I saw Toreth, which
made me want to have another go to understand the whole mechanics of the mission.

Of course, because I just went offline mid-way into the timer there was a few seconds left
when I logged in, so I handed it in. It then said something like (00:30:00) for cooldown,
so I was like 'alright, just like the other dailies around then' (it's actually news to me it has..
what was it? 24 hours cooldown?) so I had my breakfast, came back, tried it out once more.

Did it solo then, but got sidetracked by a foundry mission ('Time will Tell' - which is quite
good by the way, I highly suggest it!) before I could hand it in. When I did give it in later
that afternoon after coming back home, it gave me another (00:30:00). So yeah, I did the
'daily roundup' of New Romulus to burn away the timer and then tried it again (why not?).

Yet again (00:30:00) at the end- with this time the handing in was quite assurably, prompt.

And well, that's the pretty much the end of the story, not to mention the boring wall of text,
my mindset, as well as partially my routine. You'll have to excuse my inept ability to make
summaries, but I suppose people like to dissect a larger amount of text at any rate, heh.

Now then, is that a better feel? Perhaps?
Hmm...alright, thank you for the more detailed explanation.

The first time could be passed off as just hitting your cooldown timer, since the epohh tagging mission is on a 20 hour cooldown.

For the other clue. Guess you just got lucky.

Originally Posted by darwin789 View Post
El-Aurians from Hromi cluster support mission.
I hadn't ever considered those. And they are perfect for it, thank you. I will add that to the guide.

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?