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# 1 STO Wallpapers
04-18-2013, 09:20 PM
Player made STO wallpapers, post yours!

Have a wallpaper but don't know how to share it?

List of a few good image hosts.

ImageShack -

Imgur -

Photobucket -

Flickr -

Tumblr -

Get your image host account, upload the wallpaper and link it in this thread like this:

The forum will shrink it to fit for viewing.

To save a wallpaper full size, rightclick the image, Save as..

Everything posted in this thread is meant to be shared with others.
Devs may post theirs too, but only if they can read this.. :-P


Made some sort of wallpaper from a few screenshots I got so far on Tribble.

1920x1080 Rightclick, Save as..

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