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I honestly don't know what people are expecting here. The D'Deridex has always been a huge whale, even more than the Galaxy. Expecting anything higher than the turnrate of a carrier or dreadnought is a silly fantasy.
anyone who saw the episodes of the romulan d'deridex in TNG will realize the thing is alot more maneuverable then is given credit for. while isnt have the outright manuverability of something like a Prometheus class ship, it isnt far behind that. the only thing it really lacks is a strong warp speed, these things usually cant go above warp 8, even if they did go over the warp limit for extended travel time it would burn out the engines. so the original warbird the t4 ship would have no higher then a singularity core that can take the engines no faster then that unless equipped with borg engines. as for the retrofit, thats another matter entirely since stuff would be replaced. when in local space its maneuverable enough and quick despite the thoughts of it being heavy.
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