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04-19-2013, 01:51 AM
- Romulan civilian top clips a bit near the armpit.

- Romulan civilian wrap (top part) clips alot around the waist in seductive stance, turning the character makes it clip even more.

- Romulan civilian skirt clips while moving.

- i miss the UNDO and REDO buttons in the tailor, undoing/redoing a single change like before was really useful, bring that feature back!

- Add some button to hide those face/hair preset hotbars, im playing on a non-widescreen monitor and find the preview space way to small with them visible.. those bars are pretty much useless to me and reduce the preview space down to the point that i have to turn and zoom at every change and thats no fun.

Aside of the clipping issues i'd say the costumes are awesome.
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