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04-19-2013, 02:57 AM
Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
promethius: "advanced escort"(trololololol)

Dimensions : Length : 415 m2
Beam : 163 m3
Height : 64 m3
Decks : 15

Mass :
2,100,000 metric tons
turn rate 15

cheyenne: "heavy cruiser"
Dimensions : Length : 394 m2
Beam : 250 m
Height : 113 m
Decks : 20
Mass : 1,305,000 metric tons
turn rate 8

its pretty obvious where the devs interests are.
unless the deri gets re-branded it will get scudded hardcore, because if it didnt there would be no room for the excuses used to leave the big ships in this game as targets for ships that amount to being star fighters. and no excuse for leaving similar sized ships so out of whack with each other just to keep the bogus 'class' stats.
Did...did you just use as a source?
Everything on that page that is in white letters in fanfiction and the guy who made the site even admitted it sometimes contradicts established facts.
I suggest you read the colour key (a button in the upper right corner) for that site.

"White Text : Anything in white is my own invention. Sometimes this is just extrapolation - I guesstimated that the Nebula class has eight phaser arrays compared to the Galaxy classes twelve, for example, because the Nebula class is slightly smaller so probably slightly less powerful. But here and there I have gone into invention meltdown, inventing entire histories for ships about which we know little. Now and again I have even made up new backgrounds to known events just to make them sound a bit more dramatic. So be warned, if it's in white you can take it or leave it!"