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04-19-2013, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by falastus View Post
this will do what your looking for, and it is the same for beam to ship:

/bind "key" GenButtonClick minimap_ripcord_button

just replace "key" with whatever key you want to hit for that function

I just wish I could figure out the ones for carrier commands...
I put the carrier commands in some power tray slots, then rebound some keys to execute whatever are in those 'slots'

In the below example, I press 'CTRL+W' to 'Target Weapon sub-system' (I put the ability in Tray row 7, column 10) or 'SHIFT+W' to order my fighters to 'Attack my Target' (likewise row 7, column 6)

Control+w "+TrayExecByTray 6 9"
Control+e "+TrayExecByTray 6 8"
Control+a "+TrayExecByTray 6 7"
Control+s "+TrayExecByTray 6 6"
Shift+w "+TrayExecByTray 6 5"
Shift+e "+TrayExecByTray 6 4"
Shift+a "+TrayExecByTray 6 3"
Shift+s "+TrayExecByTray 6 2"

After all, if you don't fill up all those empty slots, the game will (and in the manner expressly designed to most irritate the player ).