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04-19-2013, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
The T4/5 battlecloak BOP

there is a bug where description says SCI BOFF slot, but UI shows an engineering slot

imho, just make it universal - to have at least ONE sci dedicated ship out there.

(that would make 3 tac BOFF's, 2 universals, or even better - make it 2 Tac, 1 Sci lt.cmdr., 2 universal)

and increase the turnrate to be comparable to the B'Rel (20, 22 would be nice)

the D'Deridex

y u kiddin' with the turnrate?

In case you did not notice, the Romulan T4/5 BoP has more weapon slots than their Klingon counterparts. It also has 4 Tac consoles, something Klingons only get when they purchase the Fleet Hoh'Sus. Therefore in comparison to Klingon BoPs the Romulan BoP is currently better in all aspects except turnrate. Another buff would make it overpowered.