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04-19-2013, 03:39 AM
1.) This discussion belongs in the Tribble forum.

2.) The boff layout does look sub-optimal, especially given the so-far-unrecanted changes to Emergency Power skills. It used to be that a layout like this invited dual copies of EPTW1 and an engineering team, which was alright.

3.) As far as ship metrics.. That 2 is supposed to be a 5, pretty much guaranteed. Yes, with a turn rate like that it will handle like a dying whale beached on ice. However, consider the D'deridex also gets a battle cloak. For those who haven't used one on the BOPs before, unlike a regular cloaking device the battle cloak can be turned on even if you're in the middle of combat. It's a powerful tool for BOPs, it might be even more powerful for a big ship with the hull points and armor to survive those lucky parting torpedoes. There's no other heavy cruiser with a battle cloak to compare it to.

4.) Do not ignore the unique feature of the Romulan ships, the "singularity core". The plasma burst on the starter ship doesn't really thrill me purely because it takes so long to charge up, but that may change as you go up ship tiers. The D'deridex shipyard page also claims to have 5 different abilities that it can use in relation to its singularity core.

So.... Wait and see, is my suggestion. They may remove their Cryptic Fix to EPTx, and the rest of the ship has enough unknowns going for it that we really need to see it in action.