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04-19-2013, 05:25 AM
I intend to post more extensive feedback and bug examples later this weekend, together with screenshots, but for now the things I've observed:

- No Long Hair option available for Female Romulans. Like, at all... Bwuh? You advertise the expansion with a pretty Romulan lady, you promise us new hair options released with the expansion, yet everything is either Short or Ponytail. Can we please have just straight loose long hair, especially since we see numerous Romulan NPCs with such?

- Clipping issues on numerous clothes without any addons or mixed parts. For example Romulan Civilian Jacket near the armpit -
The same outfit clipps around the spatula area when the character is running.

- Romulan Klingon outfits either repeat in all upper categories or have bugged names. I'll post screenshots examples later.

- Again Romulan Klingon outfits often have bugged colours. One (for example right) wrist attach displays a wide range of colours available, while another (left) has only few. Same goes for several costume pieces (both upper and lower) which have colour change options that change nothing at all, or have parts which colours cannot be changed.