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04-19-2013, 04:38 AM
I'd like to vaguely illustrate my overly-exaggerated nerdy responses to all the Romulan faction and Romulan ships announcements thus far:

- Romulan Faction announced
Me: ZOMG Romulans do want do want do want!!!111one Gonna play even if they're gonna be bugged more than the KDF!!111one

- Romulan ships announced
Me: ZOMG Tier 5 D'Deridex!!11one Yes please! Gonna fly one even if it's gonna turn like a Carrier, yes!

- Romulan Refits announced
Me: Wooo, D'deridex Refit, and a Battlecruiser class? OHGAWDYESPLEASE day one purchase!

- People laugh it's going to be a Galaxy Retro copy
Me: Naaaah, surely they wouldn't do something like that to the D'deridex, would they? Going to be tanky, but lt.cmdr. tac or some science abilities are assured, right?

- See D'deridex stats on Tribble

The reason I got hyped for LoR... I even thought it was going to be sort of engi-sci-tac battleship mixture, similar to slower, yet bulkier Kamarag/Ambassador class.

But no... you've made it a useless Galaxy-R copy with pointless Ensign Engi Boff slots and no meaningful tactical capabilities whatsoever... So not only this turns badly, it also won't pack a punch like most Klingon Battlecruisers do...

Well, that's 2000+ Zen saved for me... Gonna get a Mogai/Valdore instead, as those look way more interesting. But the disappointment remains...