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04-19-2013, 09:12 AM
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Then of course theres the special flavour of the refracted tetryons. I'm betting we'll see Tet weapons with a secondary disruptor proc, which would be awesome on a number of levels. So long as they keep the tetryon energy type for compatibility with the tier 5 power and existing consoles I'm happy.?
What makes you think it will be a disruptor proc?
I do admit I am a bit unsure what the second proc could be, on the one hand, Tholians seem to use Tetryon/phaser hybrids, but on the other, we already have those via lock box.

Beyond tholian rep, though, I hope the next fleet asset has a buff to tetryons like how the Embassy buffs Plasma. Whenever we get a rep system, the fleet asset should match for some synergy.