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04-19-2013, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by stoneloki View Post
At 120 and change it won't be for everyone, I really guess it comes down to how much you love playing as a Romulan.

The tier five ships alone come out to 120 bucks, so its like you get all the best then the rest for free.

Oh.....and Jolan'Tru IRF, Keep up the March!

Ok, how bout this, we get a nice beach side like city on bajor solely for us, and also free travel in your space to the gamma quadrant, we give ale and ...well ale.

As for the Legacy Pack, I cant simply justify spending 120 bucks on a bunch of ships that i will outlevel/barely use, nor 30 lockbox not touching those damn boxes ever again
What I am wanting to spend money on, costumes, The Mogai Refit (Fleet version, you know there will be one) And maybe one other ship possibly 2 at the most.
What I dont bloody want, a ship full of reman boffs and doffs, (however the one you do get to start with...that one can stay on my ship) A reman nemesis costume (not playing reman, not keeping remans minus that one) Not throwing down for the level 30 ships and lower...why? Because unlike other people I can get to 30 with a mere day of playing, which inlcludes stopping to walk the dog.
Now if ...IF...this bundle was truly more organized isnt.
What they should have done was throw down a TOS bundle
A Nemisis bundle
A TNG bundle, and i bet you they would have generaly overall better sales
Alot of people are on the fence about 120 dollars for virtual goodies that arent even that enticing, and alot of people are incredibly care free, which reminds me, if they have that much money to spend on games, I could use a few bucks myself.

Anyway...enough rumbling for the morning...