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Yep, basically. It's the Romulan version of a Galaxy that's a bit slower and with a bit more firepower.

As I recall, the Romulans began phasing out the D'Deridex in favor of the Mogai class to deal with the more powerful offensive oriented cruisers like the Sovereign and Neg'var.
im guessing the mogai will be a km wide escort for all the sense this game makes.

but really, when surrounded by enemies, you dont stop making larger capital fleet ships because they lack power, you stop making them because they are expensive and you are running out of resources you cant afford to have concentrated.

escort the size of a fraking soverign...
it'l probably move like a ******n fed tac escort just to make sure to get the ''trololol escorts ftw'' mantra across...
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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?