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04-19-2013, 10:55 AM
For what it's worth, the D'Deridex is my favorite Romulan ship too. The main reason I've looked forward to playing a Romulan is to fly one of these beauties at End Game. I would like to add my voice to this discussion. It's just sad that the iconic Galaxy class ships are so disappointing, and it sounds like they might be doing the same with the DD.

Cryptic, please do not make the D'Deridex a FailBoat.

I have not seen all the stats, I don't know what the singularity powers do, I've not tried it. I admit that. But in general, in this game a 5.5 Turn is terrible. It's no fun to fly.

An Eng-heavy BOff layout doesn't make sense either, given we've seen the NPC DDs use powers like VM, PSW, etc. The DD would feel better if it were a Sci-oriented cruiser.

Lastly, with the current Tribble EPtX changes. All those Ens Eng BOff powers are going to be so very, very useless.

Please be kind and offer us a better ship.

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