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04-19-2013, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by omnia1960 View Post
Anyone getting those annoying email spam coming to your inbox?
All relating to selling STO credits and getting a discount.

Yes I have added the email addresses to my ignore box, but next day i get another one in from a different addy. Very bloody annoying.
Being a lifer, I did not pay to receive this and did not agree to have advertisement sent to my ingame email box.
You do understand that this is not from Cryptic/PWE, right? This is people creating free accounts as throwaways and trying to make a fast buck.

Do not just ignore these... use the report as spam option or open a ticket. That will alert Cryptic that they need to close down that account.

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
I got 2 this morning, from different addresses

STO could block it if they wanted to
And how do they do that without blocking legitimate users?

Just as it is not easy to completely block spam from your personal email account, it's not easy to block it in the in-game mail system either.

Even if the game weren't F2P we'd still have to deal with goldspammers every now and then. But between closing profitable exploits and limiting the ability to spam, Cryptic can put a finger in the leaky dam and keep the flood back.
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