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Originally Posted by maximumname View Post
Decks 3 and 4 in the galaxy's saucer are almost entirely shuttlebay 1, it can hold a rather large compliment as well.
Federation vessels have a standard range of deck size at roughly 3.5 meters (it varies a bit, but that's a solid average number to use). That means on a ship with quantifiable volume (the saucer of a galaxy is somewhat larger than an Akira's, but close enough for comparative purpose) you're pretty readily able to come up with interior volume.

Minus the weapons pod the Akira is a 19 deck ship. 14-15 of which in the primary hull are, in full or in part, hangar space. In addition, the Akira is sourced as being capable of carrying 40+ combat craft plus several more (sources vary but it's in the 10-20+ range) support ships.

That's a hell of a lot more than a two deck shuttle bay in a Galaxy. Support craft complement alone is more than a Galaxy carries, and that's not even considering the combat squadron.

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