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You're absolutely right that the devil is in the details and they way it plays out is crucial making it workable. At this point I'm going for the fact that no one intends for you to take command of the [player ship], it a case of once things fall apart after beaming over, you're are the only workable option.

1. You do not start out as leader of the away team.
2. The away team leader is injured in an initial attack. (I'll admit this one is tricky.)
3. Contact with the Khitomer is unavailable due to Borg interference.
4. Contact is not reestablished until you retake the ship.
5. Once you retake the ship, you find the Khitomer locked in battle with a cube.
6. The Captain of the Khitomer orders you to take the [player ship] and retreat.

The idea is that at no time is there an opportunity for the Khitomer to replace you with a more experienced officer.
2. How about something easy? you beam in last, not finding your party with the main away team (signal was deflected or such..magnetotronic flux designed by the borg to disrupt teleports or such) and as such being told to make your way to regroup at the bridge - then when you get to the bridge, you find your away team leader and the rest of the away team disabled by nanoprobes/dead (mainly as the original crew is getting borged first)

Once the away team is beamed to safety, the Khitomer captain informs you of valuable materials concerning the borgg are on the on the ship and too unstable to transport - hence why the borg are attacking - and tells you to retreat and take the ship back to esd while they hold off the cube