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OP - Mirror patrol escorts are piled up in the exchange and are literally cheaper than the box they came in. I'd suggest buying that first and playing around with it a bit before spending the zen for the MVA console.

I bought the MVAE retro for my Tac officer but I rarely use it because I find the HEC (Armitage) to be so much more useful and versatile (and prettier), and six fighter pets actually deal more damage than two MVA sections and can be replaced much more quickly.

But when I do pull out my MVAE I always have a good time with it.

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The thing that makes me shiver and walk the other way in regards to the "multi vector" feature is that the pets don't seem to stay in formation. If they formed up in a nice V at your 4 and 7 and shot at whatever you were shooting at, like a heavily armored variation of the Kumari's "wing cannons", it would be a fascinating ship. As it is all I can see happening is your ship vectors going haywire, then catching a random borg torp and exploding.

Unless somebody can allay this concern...
They do shoot at whatever you're currently targeting (or escort if your target is a friendly) but they don't stay in formation. But they do a better job of staying alive than most other pets and you can take over different sections while separated. I like to attack with the Alpha section (increased shields) or Beta section (increased weapons power) then switch the Gamma (increased aux) to throw heals around.

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