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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Doubt any KDF will be put out by it all. We Klingons got oir first cloaks from the RSE so it makes sense they would have a more prevelant use of them.
Exactly - Romulans supplied and taught the KDF how to use cloaking tech - some 50-100 years after they developed it.

It is just a logical thing to say that the Romulans have superior knowledge about cloaks and their use.

Edit: Mimey2 - you should correct your post to say that "all" Romulan Warbirds will have a battle cloak- it also appears from what was said that the inherent trait of romulans + the Romulan Boffs will allow a significant reduction in time between cloaking - decloaking and re-cloaking.

Of course I expect many new Federomulans to go boom in the first little while as they learn its not always best to battle cloak in combat, however, the big D will have 2x the hull of a Bop so it would be almost impossible to take her out while she's cloaking.

From the Blog:

Romulans are well-known as being the masters of cloaking technology. All Romulan Warbirds come equipped with a Romulan Battle Cloaking device, allowing them to enter and exit cloaking even while in combat. (Note that not all small craft come with these; see below.)

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