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Originally Posted by tcostik View Post
RCS consoles do next to nothing for slow turning ships. Since they work off % increase, any ship that needs to use them, won't get much benefit out of actuallly using them. If you have a ship with a turn rate of 3, and use a RCS that gives +30%, then you'll get a final turn of 4. If you have an escort that has a turn rate of 12, and use the same RCS console, you'll get a turn rate of 16. Beamboats like the Oddy aren't meant to zip around. My advice: ditch the RCS, and equip some other, more beneficial consoles in their place.

Same goes for engines. I'm not sure which provides the best turn rate, its like the RCS consoles. You simply won't get that much benefit because of the % increase. You'd be better off slotting APO, which gives you a movement buff when used.
^ What he said.

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