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04-19-2013, 04:45 PM
I have no issues with Battlecloaks for the Rommies, makes sense as others have said. I just think the BOP line for the KDF might need a bit of a buff as wasn't they given such a terrible fragile hull because of it? I know they have all universal BOFF stations (which the Romulan's don't have) so I wouldn't expect a huge buff, but just some more hull resistance would be nice.

Either way I think they made the right call about the Battlecloaks for the Romulans, they are the Cloaking masters after all.

My only concern will be PvP due to the fact the Romulans can join the Federation side. But considering PvP is just a small minority it won't affect a lot of players I think.

I was reading in the Zone chat on Tribble yesterday and all but one person said they will be joining the KDF with their Romulans. The only one who said he would go Fed is because of his fleet. I kindly reminded him there are a lot of cool people on the KDF side and they would welcome any new players with open arms.

Mr Stahl was on chat as well and I asked him if they are going to be shorting out the server issues, elastic banding etc. He said they were looking into it. I just hope it wasn't to shut me up. Also another funny thing in chat, one guy said that 80% of this games population are retarded. Not a word I would use. But then I said, 80% you mean as in the Federation playerbase, considering the KDF is only 18%? He never responded.

I went Fed with my test Romulan just to see what they have that the KDF doesn't and guess what (my son went KDF) and the missions are the same. And considering end-game content is shared anyway between the factions the only thing that will be the difference is c-store ships which if you're a Romulan why would you fly a Defiant or Galaxy when you can fly a Warbird with it's cool gimmicks. I can only imaging grabbing consoles for your Warbird and the KDF have the better consoles in any case.
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