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04-19-2013, 04:57 PM
Since your an engineer it won't be as good because of lack of tactical initiative and extra damage buffs but here's what I use.

Tactical - Commander - HYT I, APB I, C:RF II, APO III
Tactical - Lieutenant - TS I, C:SV I
Tactical - Ensign - TT I
Engineering - Lieutenant - EPtS I, Aux to Structural II
Science - Lt Commander - HE I, Transfer Shield Strength II, Gravity Well I

2 x purple Conn Officer to reduce TT 1 cooldown to 15 seconds so you only need 1 copy, also buffs attack patterns
2 x Shield Distribution Officer to give chance to heal shields when using Brace for Impact
1 x Gravity Well Officer until I find something I prefer more

This gives you 2 hull heals and 3 shield heals none of which share a cooldown.

My typical attack rotation is Gravity Well + TT I + TS I + CSV + APB I (plus Tac Damage Buffs) followed by TT I + HYT I + C:RF II + APO III to finish anything left.

Normally If I want more single or group firepower I use tac initiative and spam one of the above groups.

Also don't use a mix of damage types or anything too fancy. Go with 3 x DHC and 1 torp and match the Tac consoles to the DHC. For Torpedo I use the Hyper Plasma Torpedo with console.

The above isn't perfect and I tweak it every so often, but it's pretty effective.