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Originally Posted by voxlagind View Post
Pressure DPS is viable if the ship has 5 DHC's or is an Aux2Batt cruiser using CRF, single cannons and turrets, DEM3, and all the DEM buffing abilities and modifiers that make the ship a nightmare to deal with.

(as requested from another thread)

Arguing about this is probably pointless though, since you're going to tell me I'm wrong, and I'm going to tell you that you just aren't playing them correctly. At which point we'll flex our internet muscles at each other, and get no where.
DHCs+crf are spike, because of how front loaded its delivery is. every fireing cycle is spike, has the capability to blow down a shield faceing, there is no gradual application that can be countered in real time by manual distribution, regeneration, and proc heals. the damage is 100% applied in a single second, then everything else has its chance to respond, its not applied and responded to at the same time. thats why all energy weapons that arent DHCs are garbage.

i wrote the book on kirk tastic AtB fed cruiser builds, mid season 5 to season 7 these builds worked great, kinda. but since fleet elite started showing up, and the rep system, their effectiveness has been floored. they have 0 net damage in any mid to high level team play, only any good for pounding pugs.
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