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Originally Posted by reximuz View Post
I think when you first choose your ally there is a big in your face moment about that choice for a bit, it a tad overwhelming, and it feels like you are going to become a "fed" for a while until you get over to Eta Eridani.

You get introduced to a Fed Captain that you have a mission with, are given a bunch of Mark IV Rares in Phaser flavor, you are given a Fed BOFF, and when you go to get your ship you open the panel and all you see are Fed ships. It really creates a feel for a while that you are more a Fed than a Romulan.

I'd suggest that you need to visit your allies home base to be able to buy their ships/gear, that you not offer directly a allied BOFF at all, if we want them we can go get them, and that the tech offered be more generic, like shields, armor, consoles.

Also, if the freighter rescue mission could be made to look a bit less like the Shmar mission, that might be awesome. Different backdrop and/or music probably would do a world of difference.

Awesome work guys.
This I have to agree with. I was Surprise when I saw those Fed ground phaser, ship beam phaser and the canon phaser. It doesn't make you feel like you are Romulan at all. I thought the whole purpose of the alliance is Fed were rather interesting in Romulan tech not the other way round.

And what's with the Fed BOFF as a reward. Please no fed BOFF as rewards, since am reporting back to republic fleet not starfleet.
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