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Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
It is not as spiky as with a beam overload(s) complimented with it in the current gamestate.

It could still be enough spike, i guess it depends how you look at it.

Sorry this is inaccurate information, the dhc bolts/hits afaik can still be interuppted with healticks as well in between. Correct me if im wrong but you seem to imply that there can be no healing ticks done within DHC cycles or volleys.
i suppose i should have mentioned BO, to avoid this response. yes BO, and torps are good spike too.

well ya, basically. theres 1 second of fire and 2 or 3 of not fireing, vs a constant steady stream from other weapons, that can get countered in real time. its the difference between shooting the health of all 4 shield facings fluctuation over 3 or 4 seconds and blowing out 1 in an instant. theres a heal tic for every shot on all the other weapons, were theres only time for 1 heal tic for CRF DHC damage. its just more effective and harder to tank
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