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04-19-2013, 09:54 PM
Vote kick would only be really useful to troll if you also had the leaver penalty. If the leaver penalty only occured when you voluntarily left and not if you were frocefuly removed then the only real troll left would be to kick you before the finish.

However even that could be solved with a cut off say 10 minutes into the stf you cant kick anyone.

Would it solve all leeching?
Would it solve some leeching?....probably

Is it worth it to boot a bad player? depends on how good the other 4 are
Could it be abused?...sure, but to what gain if you can just cue right back up?

And to clear that last hurdle, what if its obviously a lost cause before the 15 minute mark?
A vote quit system. The remaining plaayers vote to end the stf early and leave with no penalty.
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