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OOC: I think I finally decided where I want to go with the temporal chase. Also, note the lack of a stardate below, it should be pretty obvious why that is. ~ I made a new sig, the quote being in reference to roleplay Voporak.

*T1 (that is 2409, where Voporak belongs), the NCV Thresher moves through deep space, seemingly at a dead end.*

Captain's log: After two weeks of pursuit, Voporak's trail has gone cold. We are scanning 24/7 for any of the slightest temporal disturbances, anything that could lead us to him. Today I am expecting a new strategy from the tactical department, as Lieutenant Commander Harris promised.

*In Kormek's ready room, the door chime rings.*

Kormek: Come.

*LtC. Harris steps in*

Harris: Well Captain, I believe we have a way to find Voporak, or rather, not.

Kormek: Pardon?

Harris: The plan the tactical department developed is essentially a trap to lure Voporak.

*Harris pulls up a space-time map on the wall console screen*

Harris: The Thresher will arrive in this other timeline, and we will release our sensor dampening field. This will make us visible not only to Voporak, but also to any ship within sensor range of us. Being a highly advanced ship, we will be safe. Previous studies of the patterns of Voporak's appearances show that he is drawn to commotion such as this will cause. Once he does show up, we have him.

*Kormek smiles* Kormek: A good old fashioned risk-it plan. We do not have any other choice either. Prepare to make it so.

Harris: Aye sir.

*The Thresher's temporal drive is configured for a trans-dimensional jump and multiple teams prepare to disable the Black Phantom when the time comes.*

Bridge Lieutenant: All decks report ready, sir.

Kormek: Good. Engage the trans-jump.

*The stars streak across the sky (from the Thresher's view) and the ship disappears. Moments later it reappears in T2 (this thread's timeline) without the sensor dampening field, sending an ugly sensor disturbance wave across the quadrant.*

*On the Black Phantom...*

Science officer: Captain, the Thresher just appeared.

Voporak: Bring up the full sensor logs, route it to Tactical.

*He walks next to Omet'etan, looking at the logs now on the screen*

Omet'etan: They foolishly did not account for everything. Their dampening field has gone down as they jumped. I suggest we strike at them now.

Voporak: I agree Commander. *he walks back to the Captain's chair* They couldn't have put themselves in a more vulnerable position as they are now, save lowering their shields. Set a course for the Thresher, maximum warp. Engage.

*Under cloak, the Phantom jumps to warp, minutes away from arriving at the Thresher.*
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