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04-19-2013, 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
...and I'm ok with that.

Sure this BC is a Romulan Battlecloak, and provides a turn rate bonus and speed bonus while cloaked.

Even so, that's fine to me. I highly enjoy playing my Klingon toons, and seeing this on Romulan ships is alright.

There's gonna be lots and lots of Feddies who go Romulan knowing about their BCs, hop in a Romulan ship with one and...quickly discover it isn't the 'mega-ultra-super-OP 'I-win' button' they seem to think it is.

So, let the Romulan ships have cloaks and battlecloaks, that's fine. As we KDF players realized a long time ago: Cloaking is a useful and strategic thing to have, particularly a BC, but it isn't as good as many seem to think.

Besides, there's still a ton of anti-cloaking stuff out there. I might even get the Nebula ships so I can make a snooper.

Oh yes, I wonder how long it'll take before the whining begins for Federation cloaking ships to gain that speed and turn-rate bonus.

Eh, I dunno dude. These aren't 20k hull raptors. We're talking about full blown escorts and cruisers with battle cloak. They're going to be pretty damn strong in PvP.

Not that I object, I'm ok with the Romulans getting battle cloaks. I didn't fly BoPs anyway. I just think you might be underestimating what a battle cloak on a full fledged escort will be capable of. Both the Mogai and T'varo look to be amazingly good PvP ships, and that's even before seeing what their fleet variants look like.

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