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04-20-2013, 02:02 AM
I don't generally join a topic but I will leave this here for you, a link to the msd for the galaxy class. Is shown on the page and can be made much larger to see that the shuttle bay on the galaxy class is massive. That is not counting the Aux shuttle bay in the engineering section of the ship.

Really I don't care either way , but sometimes images can help everyone.

edit: To look into this a little bit more there are at lest 21 shuttles listed to have been with the Enterprise-D on the show , now if they are at the same time , that's a different story , but it seems that it could easily be a carrier ship if wanted that way. Like I said tho , don't really care either way , don't have the ship personally in game anyway. Just stating that it seems to be plausible that it could be used as a carrier.

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