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As I stated in another thread:

Originally Posted by wrathofachilles View Post
Well the saving grace of the D'Deridex may be the battle cloak. If I remember correctly, the bop's battle cloak increases turn rate, so if romulan ships also get a buff to turn rate from batttle cloak, their poor maneuverability while decloaked may be somewhat offset once they cloak, which would truly emphasize their cloaking tendencies and the need to use it strategically in combat.

Though I must admit I would be disappointed by three engineering ensign slots... I'd probably much prefer that ensign be universal so one could have one extra science ability or better afford the mandatory tac team and still have two tactical attack abilities. But since they are reworking emergency power abilities, they may rework other abilities too so that being so engineering heavy may not be such a gimping, or perhaps they'll modify the team abilities so that tac team isn't the gold standard for defense anymore. If that's the case, the ship might be just fine... we'll have to see.
Additionally, I have been playing around with the war bortasqu which has a 5.5 turn rate and with two rcs and with full power to weapons, rest to engines, it actually turns surprisingly well... actually I think it might turn better than anything I've manged to do with the ody (with the exception of saucer sep). I don't know if it has a better inertia rating on it or what, but if a similar feat can be pulled off with the D'Deridex, I don't think the turn rate would be an absolute horror... any more so than all cruiser turn rates. And again, if the battle cloak gives a boost to turn rate, that might make the ship far more manageable. For all we know, as the masters of cloak, the romulans might even get a higher turn boost from battle cloak than the bop or a turn boost plus a speed boost to quickly re-position like how donatra zips around after cloaking.

I am not so concerned with the player version not being able to do what the npc version can though, the npc Kar'Fi can eject warp plasma while the player version can't. Though I am hopeful they will be reworking eng and sci powers. The once "I win" that was grav well where it sucked you in and crushed you in seconds wasn't cool, but since it's lost nearly all its bite, it should have a nigh inescapable pull. Tykens rift currently does next to nothing unless the target is stationary. I think it would be cool if tyken's rift was more crowd control in that it would instantly suck all power out of a ship being an effective disable, however, it would make the ship caught in it invulnerable to damage as any energy weapons fired into the rift are absorbed and torps lose power. Though I may not be fully thinking through the horrible, horrible consequences that could come of a power like that...

Directed energy modulation does little more than scratch the paint on the hull of whatever you're firing at, and with hazard emitters clearing both aceton beam AND eject warp plasma and with attack pattern omega removing the move debuff of warp plasma, those skills are far too easily countered.

I like the buff to the non-shield emergency powers, but not sure how I feel about the cool/uptime changes, and if the problem is with it being called "emergency" power, lets rename it "reserve power" or something else concise since "divert all power from non-essential systems to:X" would be too lengthy.

And with tac team the gold standard in defense skills, something would have to be done so that ships with such limited tac powers as the D'Deridex and galaxy and several other cruisers and sci ships aren't limited even further in tac options by basically having to take tac team if they want to survive.

So... yeah... I'm not overly concerned about the D'Deridex stats as they are, but I'm hopeful for a touch of improvement/saving graces from battle cloak, singularity powers, perhaps more singularity abilities/power available to it since it's bigger, reworking of eng/sci abilites, etc.