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# 1 Romulan Marks Rewards
04-20-2013, 02:45 AM
Hi first of all srry for my English.But I will try to explain about what I mean.

Romulan Marks....There is so few Pve actions about romulans at quick play.Also Reward amounts are pretty low.It's really hard to earn them to contribute.Azura-vault all of them very low Romulan marks reward amount.Hah I dont wanna do grind all day on New Romulus 5-10 Romulan Marks on the dust...There is only 1 mission gives not bad amount ''Mine Trap'' but that mission is 20 ppl joining mission so I have to wait a lot usually to start mission.

So I have try to say can U increase amount of Romulan marks rewards bit more? Because its getting really grinding mode 10-15-20 earning them each play effort to complete some of projects usually needs 500-750 marks to finish...