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Inertial dampeners keep things inside the ship from getting salsified by the extreme acceleration forces incurred during spaceflight (especially FTL travel). They have no effect whatsoever on the ship's flight characteristics.
True however in space there is effectively nothing to cause resisitance and thus inertia, so the ships should be able to turn quickly. I am not saying it is not there it is just so small as to be negligable. You can't apply the rules that affect ships and planes on Earth to those in space, and even less so in a game that is based on sci-fi. This part of the post is incorrect as pointed out to me please ignore it.

I would prefer a more dynamic turn rate, the faster your forward momentum the slower your turn speed and the slower your forward momentum the faster your turn speed, this is currently how I manage my banking arc. Make it a trade off for all ships. How it would be explained I have no idea though I am sure someone could come up with a reasonable explaination as to why this is.

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