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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
The D"Deridex was also supposed to have more firepower then the Galaxy, which is why Picard was always hesitant to fight one solo, and prefered to talk, or have allies like Klingon Vorcha's show up to help. I don't think the Enterprise itself ever managed to solo a D'Deridex.

So while I would like a little better turn, that is not the main fault I see in it, I am concerned with the boff layout mostly. I know this game is slanted towards cannons, I use DHC on everything that can mount them, even a Bortasqu, I am experienced enough to make slow turn ships work with DHC, but I can't do it if it has the horrible boff layout of a Galaxy. If they are going to make the ship have bad turn, it better get 5 tac consoles and Lt Cmdr tac at least like a bort does.
Turn rate doesn't quite so concern me since I see the ship, with its battle cloak, engaging in more positional combat situations.
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