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04-20-2013, 05:12 AM
The pack should be in the Cstore. This change of policy without notification which should have done when the announcement was made regarding the expansion, smacks of a big huge slap in the face to everyone that put a couple hundred dollars into Zen points as we have been expected to do since day one to buy stuff for the game.

I dont mind they changed the policy but to do so without prior notice, especially for a "limited time" package, really is an incredibly bad business practice and should be reconsidered.

Another option is change the "no refund" policy for store currency since it seems clear PWE cant be trusted to respect or appreciate the player base supporting it by buying "Zen" which we are forced to do as a matter of practice - except in this instance. Consequently, it must be worthless since PWE will not accept it for all products now. This of course goes against the notion of "official tender" for the company and all that jazz.

Additionally, if I cant get a refund and if the promotional package is not added to the store as it should be, I shall not buy anymore Zen. Please note Cryptic, I'm the target player of your business model - at the very high end for that matter, and you would to do well to keep me active and happy about my experience with your product. I got no problem spending several hundred dollars at a pop on a game I really like and have spent big money on STO already as you can tell from my account history.

I've been waiting since STO was announced to play Romulans and now I'm suffering from connotative dissonance for trusting and supporting - against everything I believe in as a customer and gamer for that matter, your F2P business model and arguably super premium pricing practice but I digress....

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