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I know this has come up hundreds of times in the general feedback forums, but I figure with a new expansion, and a whole new faction using them it's worth bringing up fresh.

Some time ago, well over the one year period, and possibly even two years now, Klingons could cloak, they could hail their enemies, throw taunts at them, pick up loot, and all was well with the world. Cloaks made sense.

Sometime after that a patch was born, and with this patch the cloaks were adjusted, now when your bridge officer speaks to you, you accidentally decloak. Your transporters can now no longer beam through your cloak to pick up those provisions you looted. Enemies no longer need scan for you, they simply wait for you to speak.

Now there's been a lot of forum rage of this - I know I've closed, merged, modded more threads than I can recall on the topic. The answer has always been that it's working as intended, and is not actually a bug.

That's fine.

So let's talk about intentions. If we assume that it's intended to work how it is, we must now ask 'why', and 'should this be how it is meant to work'?

I can't see a logical reason that we should decloak for every interaction in game. I honestly don't believe the Dev's answer that it's intended and not a bug, therefore I'm going to throw it out there - this is Star Trek's first full blown expansion, it's biggest, most unprecedented update - fix this situation. Put some serious Dev hours into it, we were once told it would take manually updating every map in the game - I say let's do it, but back the launch a day or two if needs be, but let's sort this travesty out.

And if it's working as intended? Let's change the intention - the Cloaking Device is meant to be a weapon for subterfuge, something to allow the KDF and the RR to sneak around, creep up on their enemies, and generally go all cloak and dagger. It should not be required to have players drop their cloak to do simple things like chat with their bridge officers or pick up a weapons battery. Particularly when you're building a new faction who's play style relies heavily on cloaking.

So - let's hear it, would you rather wait a touch longer to have this sorted out?