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Originally Posted by pwecangetlost View Post
The vast majority of stuff is going to be available in the c-store upon release. I really wouldn't worry if you can't grab it now, you can even get it in a c-store sale later if that's what you'd prefer.
I purchased half a dozen copies of the game plus the CE to get all the "goodies" on my account. Money is not the question as it is a completest thing - cant explain it. The timing is however given I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagine and then there are the international banking aspects to deal with but I digress....

Anyway, being a seriously hard core Romulan fan and not getting all the specials, such as the titles specific to the "mini-faction" would really not sit well with me to say the least. If the pack was going to be an on going thing like the LtS or "gold upgrade" then fine by me. I will get the pack the next cycle but it will not be - ergo the vexing situation I find myself it at the moment.

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