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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
i suppose i should have mentioned BO, to avoid this response. yes BO, and torps are good spike too.

well ya, basically. theres 1 second of fire and 2 or 3 of not fireing, vs a constant steady stream from other weapons, that can get countered in real time. its the difference between shooting the health of all 4 shield facings fluctuation over 3 or 4 seconds and blowing out 1 in an instant. theres a heal tic for every shot on all the other weapons, were theres only time for 1 heal tic for CRF DHC damage. its just more effective and harder to tank
I'd say the CRF & DHC would need to be run by a Tac to be spike damage. I stopped running a Sci Raider build w/DHCs b/c of how worthless it is for the skill point investment required (and boredom of the build which is unrelated). I can't see how an Eng would be better suited w/o any buff/debuff captain abilities.

The free resists from fleet shields has been the main problem. But, even w/o considering that there's a huge difference from shield strength w/KDF vet ship using just MACO w/Tactical mode turned off than it turned on and using Omega shields. That's on a ship w/a negative shield mod.
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