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04-20-2013, 08:11 AM
Could do with a tailor on dronzana station because u get Tal?shar outfit there. Love the Rom bridge but I like my trophy?s n could not see any were to put them. I only have 1 outfit slot even when I joined a fleet the slot for fleet uniform vanished. I all so unlocked extra uniform slots mths ago there not showing at all.

My Rom does not always tap her wrist when transporting out.
Duty officers did not collect at lvl 11 but did at lvl 18 and only gave me 3 Doff. lvl 20 gave me the 1st set of doff I was ment to get at lvl 11.
Tradecraft mission gave mk ii stuff when my lvl should of given me mk iv.
Sleepers mission could not use hazard emitters there was greyed out when fighting the borg cube and the full 3 missions after. Promotion to subcommander wont complete all the boxs are ticked.

It wont let me drop or continue doing main missions so guess this is a end of testing the new stuff for me.
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