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Originally Posted by kyeto13 View Post
So, I can't speak for everyone, but I know alot of people have been having struggling with this game and the state of it. Their powers don't work as well as they like. Their class/ship is underpowered compared to others. They go into STFs or even PVP and they do not have the tanking/healing/DPS abilties of X, Y, or even Z. They are grinding away to the slave of their fleet's Starbase and their Reputation system that demands their time on top of everything else. They might have a favorite ship whose layout does not measure up to the lofty standards of an elite STF crew. they maybe finicalically strapped in real life for time and money and cannot get around to grinding millions of dilithium or giving hundreds of dollars to the game in order to advance stuff.

However, I looked through all of these issues in the game, all these shortcomings, all these twist and turns. I looked and I found a way out. There is a way to win this game. After that, all the DPS and the power grinding and all the time-gated stuff doesn't matter anymore.

Here it is... Brace yourselves...


YUP! That is how you win STO. You win the game when you are having fun. The specifics of it will vary from person to person, but the endgame for everyone is having fun.

You like science vessels? HAVE AT IT!
You want to be DPSy? GO FOR IT!
You want to Roleplay and ignore the war? AWESOME!
You want to be the best PVPer you can? YOU CAN DO IT!
You want to fly your favorite ship no matter what? PICK ONE AND GO!
You like to sit in ESD and tell gorn jokes? GORN AHEAD! YOU WON'T GET IN TRIBBLE!

That is it. When you keep this in mind, other people's decisions about their builds, their ships, or their classes, you begin to realize that the nerfs and bug squashing isn't to punish us or a specific subclass of the population. The Devs nerf and tweak stuff to preserve the endgame ("having fun")... FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED! The ships act differently to give variety to the game, SO THAT MORE THAN ONE TYPE OF PERSON CAN GET TO THE ENDGAME! Whether or not you win or lose a specific STF, event, or a PVP match doesn't matter, as long as you and other involved are having fun, you are all winning!

So, Shut up! Stop trolling people for their choice in class or ship. Stop flaming the devs for changing something that needed to be changed. Sit down, shut up, and get back to that endgame grind.. Having fun!

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It's just a game. Have fun.
You sir, just won STO! Congratulations!
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