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04-20-2013, 07:51 AM
I just had a super good one.


I pug in and say 'hi' as usual.

Everyone says hi back.

I fly right and start on the nodes.

A second escort with AP cannons and Cruiser with phased polaron follow.

We destroy everything including the cube in under a minute.

We fly to cube two where another escort with AP is pounding away.

The escort with me flys on to cube three which is also under fire.

Cube two dies in seconds and I head towards the Kang and kill a raptor.

Cube three dies just as the raptor dies and someone hails the Kang.

All this in under three minutes.

The carrier dies in seconds.

If say the whole thing took less than 4 minutes and the Kang never took a shot.

Good team!