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*A small agricultural Colony at the edge of the Romulan Empire.

An ageing Romulan is tending the crops of his farm when a younger man walks over. The ageing man (Toramek) scowls at the dead vine at his feet.*

Toramek: Blasted Kali! How am I supposed to produce a meaningful harvest when every single one of my produce is dying in the fields?!

Younger man (Kortrel): Father...

*Toramek looks up to his son.*

Toramek: Yes Kortrel, what is it?

Kortrel: There's someone at the house to see you. It's an Officer.

Toramek: Starfleet or Klingon?

Kortrel: Romulan, father. Imperial Navy, by appearances.

Toramek: Probably a recruitment Officer.

*Toramek stands and walks with his son back to the house, where a Romulan Officer his age is standing at the door.*


Korak: Jolan Tru, Commander.

*Toramek nods to his son, who walks inside.*

Toramek: I've been retired for 15 years, Korak. What does the Star Empire want from me?

Korak: I'm not here on behalf of the Empress, Toramek.

Is there someplace we can talk, in private?

Toramek: Of course.

*Toramek leads Korak into the cellar, turning on a jammer.*

I never thought we would need to take such measures in our own Empire.

Korak: In this case, I'm afraid it is necessary.

You have heard of Mol'rihan?

Toramek: Korak, I am getting too old for the games of politics...

Korak: Do you think they can survive?

Toramek: I neither know, nor care to know.

Korak: The Empress has denounced them as traitors--

Toramek: Get to the point, Korak!

Korak: Sela is sending 3 ships to attack Mol'rihan with Thalaron weapons. I cannot warn them because it would jeopardise--

Toramek: Korak! Are you involved with D'tan's people?!

Korak: You believe in the Republic as much as I do.

Toramek: I may be against Sela's warmongering, but I never said I supported the Republic!

Korak: Toramek, please!

Toramek: *Sighs* If you cannot warn them, what makes you think I can...?

No. I will not put him in that position Korak!

Korak: He can warn the Republic and save Millions of lives Toramek! You always said that your Duty to the people came before your loyalty to the state. Prove it.

Toramek: Very well, but this is the last time!

*5 hours later, Toramek is sitting in front of a Comm unit.*

Toramek: Computer, connect to Federation Comm network.

Computer: Connection established.

Toramek: Contact U.S.S. Excalibur, Vice Admiral Soval.

Computer: Stand by.

*The Image of a Vulcan Starfleet officer appears.*

Soval: Toramek?

Toramek: Jolan Tru, Admiral.

Soval: Live long and Prosper, Toramek.

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