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04-20-2013, 08:06 AM
Second the motion to Sticky this thread.

Bravo! Bravo! Magnifico! Well said, Sirrah! Well said indeed!

The thought someone actually enjoys this game enough to overlook some of its flaws must be anathema to some. The radical notion of treating Star Trek Online as a mere game which is to be played, instead of treating it as the Holy of Holies delivered from on high by the Prophet Roddenberry(honoured be His name and in His service we grind) must also be a mighty big burr under some people's saddles. I can hardly hear you at all over the thuds of the FanBoys dropping to the floor in a faint, lol.

There are some who began baying for your head before you ever hit the 'Send' button. They view your ideas as a terrifyingly dangerous departure from decency and normality. Indeed, your ideas are a grave threat to their way of life("Got Life?" Yeah. Riiight.) As a honorable and proud member of the KDF, I swear my blade, my ship and my crew to defend you and others such as you from the dangers you will face from this moment on. And there will be great perils. Make no mistake about this. You will be hounded from the halls of ESD to the alleyways of Qo'noS.

Let them come, I say. And let others who think as you do come as well. In time, we shall defeat the Dark Forces of the FanBoy Oligarchy. We shall gain glory and honor for our Houses and ourselves by vanquishing the Ebil Minions of those who view Canon as the only 'correct' worldview. And on that day, after the last vile foeman has gone down to bitter defeat, we shall howl our war cry loudly enough to shake the stars.

"Hey guys? Last time we played STO was really fun! Thanks for letting me join you! Can Y'all come out and play?"

EDIT: Ooops. Forgot something. My Fed toons will also help with this. An ENG who flies an Escort and a TAC who flies a Science ship.

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