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04-20-2013, 09:04 AM
Tester's log. Stardate -309699...

-=Pre Episode=-
-Noticed the assignment of Department Heads is not available with Romulan starting Boffs.
-Romulan players are able to get a free level 10 KDF ship via the "Test of Mettle" Mission. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

-=Stepping In(KDF)=-
-No issues encountered. Perhaps a tooltip/more elaborate introduction about environmental hazards would be nice for this mission.

-I was contacted by Lieutenant Ferra about duty officers despite being a KDF aligned Romulan.

-=The Price of Neutrality(KDF)=-
-Tricking the camera was a clever and amusing concept.
-The missile turrets were a great touch... but really made me want them even more as a standard weapon type.
-The Klingon reinforcement ship warped out with a blue/federation warp trail instead of traditional klingon red.

-=(Minor Interlude)=-
-Romulan R&D shows phasers instead of plasma weapons. I presume this is still using federation stuff as a placeholder.
-New Romulus Command's map looks a bit rough.
-New Romulus Command vendors sell federation/phaser items instead of romulan/plasma.
-New Romulus Command crafting stations are.. nonsensical.
-New Romulus Command Officer Vendor sells Starfleet Officer candidates - even to KDF aligned Romulans.

-=Memory Lane(KDF)=-
-A remix of Virinat's original music would probably have been a great touch to add extra emotional weight to being back here.
-No issues encountered, otherwise.

-=Smash and Grab(KDF)=-
-An unknown Lethean face was shown during the text desscibing the contents of the fourth cargo hold on the first transport.
-I was able to beam to the bridge of the second transport without activating the first transport's self-destruct.
-An unknown Klingon was shown for the display asking whether I wished to change between each transport ship.
-Personally and candidly speaking, I found the the mission a bit eye-rolling and it was a bit disconnecting that Tovan could be THAT naive.. (I was tempted to introduce him to the airlock a couple times.)

-The listed rewards for this mission included two Mark II items despite my character being level 16 at the time. The third reward(Radiant Plasma Torp) was appropriately listed as Mark IV.
-Typo found, second paragraph, "File: Virinat Intelligence File": "There is no evidence showing that D'Tan was collecting information regarding [Enemy Faction]'s Water Reclaimation." Looks like there was an issue with calling the faction string.
-^Additionally, most of the faction strings inconsistently bounce between displaying "Federation" and "Klingon Empire".
-As someone who greatly enjoys space combat, I found the skirmish to be quite enjoyable - both the buildup and the actual engagement.