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Four Captains are called together for a secret meeting on Earth Space Dock, the reason unknown and the cause as urgent.
The Federation's defenses were failing. Starfleet needed a new line of defense... an elite defensive force. And hence the United Federations Elite Squadron was born. The best fighters on ground and space now reach out their arms for you to join their noble cause... Do you have what it takes to stand by the best?

As one of the greatest developing fleets at this current time, we take pride in our new recruits and treat them with the utmost respect. We have a fleet website and do fleet meetings, Elite STF's, PVP dailies, RP, Leveling, PVE Dailies and anything else that YOU can come up with. We accept a variety of people from newbies that we will train to experienced STO Veterans. We also offer you PVP training programs to sharpen or even create your skills in Space and Ground PVP with the most experienced trainers by your side, we offer a hand to you... Join us and be part of this promising new fleet and experience guaranteed success in all endeavors.

-Fleet Admiral (Fleet Council),
Stefan Lovric

To join this fleet just contact Stefan Lovric@CaptainStefanLovric and/or M'Kow@donutking15