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04-20-2013, 11:31 AM
For "Sleepers", a couple comments on difficulty:

1) I really think the drones should adapt and there should be a tutorial about remodulation, since that mechanic will be ever present future in the game.
2) Geez, that final cube has all the tricks that endgame ships have, but we have too few boff slots. I think it's a little too advanced for newbs.

BTW, loved the inner core scene and how the drones activated in phases like the show in the final ground battle.


OH. MY. GOD. I loved "Cloak and Dagger"! That's how you do a mission where you have to kill x amount of squads!!!

And then I went to New Romulus Command, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I think it needs a better introduction, though.

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