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*On the Thresher, which is being unknowingly stalked by the Phantom. Harris stands by Kormek on the bridge, monitoring the spike in local subspace communications and long range sensor sweeps.*

Harris: At least one vessel is approaching at warp 5. It is a retrofitted Sovereign class, U.S.S. Dresden. No sign of Voporak yet, but I would guess he is close at hand, following behind that ship for all we know.

Kormek: He couldn't have missed a temporal disturbance of that magnitude. No doubt the Dresden is coming to see what just happened, and won't they be surprised to find a strange ship out of nowhere. When it arrives here, open communications with them. While the comm link is active, have our engineers begin their procedure.

Harris: Understood. This would work better if two ships were coming, but we will have to make do.

*On the Phantom, moving quietly around the Thresher*

Science officer: Sovereign class ship on sensors. It is warping to this location and will be here very soon.

Omet'etan: Your orders Captain?

Voporak: Maintain position for now, let's just see how it plays out.
*U.S.S. Dresden, Bridge. Tucker is sitting in his Command Chair when the Science Officer turns to him.*

Science Officer: Sir, should we call for help from Command? A Temporal Disturbance--

Tucker: Is an anomaly, Lieutenant, not a Military threat.

Science: What about the Subspace Wake?

Tucker: Same deal.

Colms: Sir, it could be a sign of a trans-dimensional incursion.

Tucker: It could also be a sign of tiny elves messing with our instruments, for all we know.

Besides, Starfleet's mandate, remember? No one has ever seen anything like this before.

Colms: Aye sir.

Helm: Captain, we're approaching the event epicentre now.

Tucker: Drop to impulse power.

Helm: Captain, we're approaching the event epicentre now.

Tucker: Drop to impulse pow...

Manheim effect.

Colms: Seems like.

Tucker: Lieutenant--

Science: I know, I'll try to speed up the Temporal Shields.

Sir, there's a vessel right at the centre of the event.

Tucker: On screen.

*The Thresher appears on the Viewer.*


Science: Checking records.

The computer's asking for complete log access. Temporal Prime Directive Override.

*Tucker and Colms look at each other puzzled, before Tucker looks back to the Science Officer.*


Computer, full log Authorisation granted, Tucker 9-5-0-Alpha-1-2.

Science: Records found a match...

The ship resembles a vessel recovered a century ago; the U.T.S. Wells, a Wells-Class Temporal Ship.

Colms: Temporal Ship?

Science: Apparently from the 29th Century. In that time, Starfleet's duty is also to protect the time stream.

That's all the information the Computer released. The rest is Omega 12 locked.

Tucker: Hail them.

Unidentified Vessel, this is the United Star Ship Dresden, representing the United Federation of Planets. Please identify yourselves.

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