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January 2411
On the uninhabited third moon orbiting Cirini Prime, Onias Sector

His wife called three hours ago to let the kids say goodnight to their father. She called again an hour later to complain about his devotion to work being stronger than his devotion to family. Now Nahash could finish his work in peace.

Tomorrow would be a busy day. The expendable shuttle D'Nash had been outfitted with external plating from the U.S.S. Columbus. The intensity of the experimental combined disruptor and antiproton beams would be oscillated in a way that the models said would increase the damage by two hundred and eleven percent. If the test worked, he would be the most celebrated Romulan researcher since D'thraan fifty-three years ago. If it failed, he'd crunch the numbers again and hope for success next time. The Rihanson Institute understood that great successes don't come quickly.

A squeak in the deck plating caught Nahash's attention. He turned around to see a man dressed in an unfamiliar suit.

"Good evening doctor Nahash," the man said evenly. "I am one of the benefactors of the Rihanson Institute, and I would like to talk with you about your progress."

Nahash turned around and looked towards his desk, where the emergency button was on the bottom side.

"Go ahead and push the button, but I have already disabled the security system. And please don't reach for the disruptor holstered underneath your chair. I only want to talk."

"Who are you?"

"Who I am is not relevant to this conversation. Who you are, and what you have done, is worth discussing. I have every confidence that tomorrow's test will be successful. Because of that, I would like to offer you an opportunity to work directly for me full-time."

Who would know about my alarm and weapon? "I don't know who you are. Why would I want to leave the Institute to work for you?" This man has me at a disadvantage.

The man smiled. "I am offering the opportunity of a lifetime. Tomorrow's test is the most complicated one you have attempted, and I assure your future projects will dwarf anything that you could have done here at the Rihanson Institute. You will be well paid, and your family will be taken care of.

"You are probably thinking about your children. Your salary will be tripled, which will allow young Bil'hesh to attend the private school you wanted to put him in, but couldn't afford. Your younger daughter will be able to enroll there also once she is old enough. Isn't this the best thing you can do for your children?

"I also understand that things are less than satisfactory with your wife. You do know why she calls you before 'going to bed' every two or three nights, right? That is her way of making sure that you don't come home. She doesn't want you to find her in bed with her colleague from the bank. Don't tell me you didn't know about that. You are a smart man."

Nahash's gut dropped inside of him. "You must be from the Tal Shiar."

"Who are the Tal Shiar? Has a mortal man ever seen them? I am merely a messenger, and here is my message. Go ahead and perform tomorrow's test and evaluate the data. In one week, be at the spaceport at noon. One of my associates will greet you and lead you where you need to go."

"And if I refuse?"

"We all know that you want what is best for little Bil'hesh and Sindari. If you do what I say, they will have their needs met. I'm sure that your wife will continue to take care of them as long as you don't call her out for her infidelity. All you have to do is take this opportunity.

"One last thing: if you refuse my offer, it might be hard for you to explain how you happen to have hull plating from the U.S.S. Columbus, eight pristine quantum torpedoes with U.S.S. Tuscaloosa painted on them, and a dozen or so Klingon firearms stashed behind a panel in the hallway. Are you collaborating with the Federation and the Klingons?"

The mysterious man disappeared in a transporter beam. Nahash fell to his knees. He passed out a few seconds later.

Exactly one week later, he followed a stranger at the spaceport, entered a small shuttle, and left Cirini Prime.

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