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*Kormek nods to the chief engineer, who begins working, and Harris activates the viewscreen*

Kormek: This is the NCV Thresher of the United Federation of Planets, Captain Kormek speaking. I bet you're wondering why we're here.

*Through the comm link, the Thresher and Dresden's sensor arrays are linked*

We are searching for a particular Starfleet Admiral, perhaps you might be familiar with him?

*In engineering*

Engineer 1: There. An ever so slight distortion.

Engineer 2: Let's see it on this console.

*The console displays an almost nonexistent visual distortion*

(Bridge) Kormek: His name is Voporak, and he has violated the Temporal Prime Directive more times than anyone cares to count.

(Engineering) Engineer 2: Computer, draw a silhouette around that.

*A few seconds later, the computer makes clearly visible the outline of a Sao Paulo class escort, coming about from the starboard bow of the Thresher.

(Bridge) Kormek: You may also have noticed your sensor usage just went up. All I can say is, thank you for your assistance.

*The Thresher launches a burst of charge particles from the main deflector, causing the Phantom's cloaking device to deactivate*

(On the Phantom's bridge): We are no longer cloaked!

*The Thresher activates a series of tractor beams and gravatic pulses at the Phantom, but they have no effect. Still on the visual communication with the Dresden, Kormek does his best to look unconcerned that a 29th century vessel failed to capture a much older one*

(Thresher bridge) Kormek: On that note, would you please assist us in disabling this criminal's ship?

(Phantom bridge) Voporak: Bring Zeta-Omega weapons online.
*Tucker acts with unusual calm in the situation.*

Tucker: Mr Danes, lock onto both ships.

Danes: Aye sir.

Weapons locked.

Tucker: Red Alert.

*The Red Alert klaxon sounds.*

Put the Black Phantom on this frequency.

Ops: Channel open.

Captain Kormek, U.S.S. Black Phantom, you are both ordered to power down your weapons.

I mean now, gentlemen. According to the Temporal Prime Directive, Voporak is under our jurisdiction.

Now, if you wish to lobby me to extradite him... you'll have to beam over and present your case to me.

Admiral Voporak, if you wish amnesty, the same applies.

Otherwise, Kormek, in accordance with Federation Law, I'm afraid I'll have to place you under arrest.

*Tucker remains calm, knowing what he just said was the equivalent of a mouse threatening to eat a cat.*
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