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*Tucker acts with unusual calm in the situation.*

Tucker: Mr Danes, lock onto both ships.

Danes: Aye sir.

Weapons locked.

Tucker: Red Alert.

*The Red Alert klaxon sounds.*

Put the Black Phantom on this frequency.

Ops: Channel open.

Captain Kormek, U.S.S. Black Phantom, you are both ordered to power down your weapons.

I mean now, gentlemen. According to the Temporal Prime Directive, Voporak is under our jurisdiction.

Now, if you wish to lobby me to extradite him... you'll have to beam over and present your case to me.

Admiral Voporak, if you wish amnesty, the same applies.

Otherwise, Kormek, in accordance with Federation Law, I'm afraid I'll have to place you under arrest.

*Tucker remains calm, knowing what he just said was the equivalent of a mouse threatening to eat a cat.*
*Voporak smiles at both of the starship commanders on the viewscreen*

Voporak: My dear Kormek, you think that you have me. Oh, how misjudgment has finally caught up with you. Fire.

*The Phantom's dual cannons fire one shot of Zeta-Omega energy at the Thresher. Its shields, engines, weapons, inertial dampers, transporters, and almost all of life support are knocked totally offline. There are hull breaches all over the ship, and the Thresher's bridge is on fire. Kormek grabs a console and drags himself off the floor, fatally injured. He looks up in time to see another shot from the Phantom, twin blasts that rip through the Thresher. Seconds later, the Thresher is blown to pieces by an antimatter explosion from its warp core.*

*Voporak looks at Tucker, no longer smiling*

Voporak: I suggest you shut up and leave, good sir, before you suffer something similar. You don't know who I really am, how much I know and how long a time I have experienced. Off the top of my head, I can think of 37 ways to destroy your ship right now. 29 end with a warp core breach.
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